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3d Floorings

Are you tired/bored of the conventional flooring?

Thinking about how to make your house or workplace stylish and decorative?

Looking for something exclusive and really innovative?

The Livestyle Co. brings to you a revolution, in the world of flooring…. 3D floorings….resin floor with a 3D effect. - it's not just a picture, but a large-scale art object, which fundamentally changes the idea of what might look like flooring. On the one hand - it's surface, and the other - a whole image, with all the beautiful shades and textures. No! do not think that you need any special equipment or glasses to view it.

This floor is a recent innovation using a special technology which allows you to create a live miracle in your bedroom or bathroom or kids room.

Technology of 3D flooring allows you to create a sense of three-dimensional objects protruding from the floor, chasms and gaps meadows, dolphins, fish and shark in the 3D bathroom floor .. and so on to infinity.

The livestyle company brings to you 3D flooring, which is an exquisitely bold decision for your interior. Instead of being a background, the floor becomes the main detail. Automatically, all furnishing, walls and even lighting become a background for the 3D image.

The wide range of colors and modern technologies allow the creation of such unique self-levelling floors with panorama or 3D pictures, created by designers according to your wishes and suitable for any interior, in hotel, shopping centres, house or office.

With 3D flooring you can use your imagination: you can have the sofa in your living room standing on a sea side, dolphins dwelling in your bathroom, a large hemisphere map laid on your company’s office floor or comical pictures on your nursery floor. Now you have the ability to customize and to personalize your house by choosing one of our 3D images. 3D epoxy floor composition* as follows:

* These coats vary as per the floor condition.

We also, provide 3d floorings in toughened glass, with and without LED at the bottom. So, you don’t really need to decorate and light your room otherwise. This eye catchy live miracle floor will do everything for you….This one is expensive from that of 3D epoxy and serves true connoisseurs.

Clearly, the future is now 3D flooring....catch out for some jaw-dropping examples in our gallery, if you dare!