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About us

The live style company helps making your styles alive by offering comprehensive interior solutions in the country. This venture offers the personalized services that target market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation.
We are the decorative flooring specialist catering to the premium segment of society with around half a decade of experience in residential, and commercial resin flooring.

With over a year of enriching experience, in the new phenomenon of 3D floorings, we take pride in ourselves by being among the leaders of the category and providing innovative 3D interior solutions with high standards of workmanship and outstanding customer service. However, we specialise majorly in :

Apart from epoxy, we have very unique product s, like 3D glass floor and 3D glass wall,too, that gives a jaw-dropping view of your images/ graphics and transform your living space....This one is for true connoisseurs.

We, at The Livestyle Co., very well know what it takes to provide our clients with a product that they can be proud of....

At the Livestyle Co., we value our clients, at every step on the way and provide a solution as per their need . We have a passion to oversee our projects from ideation to the final touches. We manage all our projects to make sure that the progress is on schedule and are completed according to the industry standards. We treat every project as if it is our own, therefore only the highest standards of delivery are acceptable that too in a timely fashion, to ensure our clients are not just satisfied, but delighted.

We provide such specialised graphical representations in not only 3D floorings but walls and ceilings too, to make your interiors, look complete.

You just need to tell us where do you want to live...aside a beach or over the waters, near the pebbles and shells or around a forest , beside a waterfall or surrounded by moon and stars, and we’ll make your dreamscape come alive.