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Single color Epoxy

The single solid color epoxy floor is the most popular floor system for residential as well as commercial projects having only one color laid down on your floor very beautifully by our experts. The reason being is that these floors are very smooth, have a mirror effect and give a specific warm feel underfoot. The epoxy self-levelling floors are applied to give a glamorous effect to the interior.

The epoxy self-levelling floor has no flexibility; it is very strong and hard wearing. It is more suitable for corridors in shopping centres, schools, hospitals, clubs, restaurants and places where a heavy duty and in the same time, an aesthetically pleasant floor is required.

The Single solid color epoxy floors are suitable as an aesthetic, decorative and coloured finish on cement, anhydrite and magnesite bound subfloors and tiled floors. We have a range of decorative resin floor systems to provide long term resistance, ease of cleaning and a bright attractive living and working environment.

High light reflectivity also offers a beautiful mirror effect and leads to a reduced lighting requirements.

These beautiful epoxy self leveling floors are seamless, shiny and smooth, as much as you can think of. Go for the finish of your choice…. high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, or mat !