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3D graphical walls

Images become your wall......and thus, your WALLS BECOME ALIVE.

These, may or may not be placed, in conjunction to the floors that you have. Image on the 3d floor can have an extension to the wall as well, to create a panorama of your dream world, which can be a beach, underwater view, galaxy, flora n fauna, anything.....

The material to be used depends on your preference and budgets. We offer two different kind of materials to be used for such 3D graphical walls, that are PVC and toughened glass. PVC has to be printed and pasted onto the wall whereas toughened glass has to be printed and installed. We deploy a team of experts to lay it properly onto the surface.

Toughened glass may or may not b lit with LED lights, you will have to take the call. The glass walls fall more expensive but give a far better visual experience and recall....that shall truly delight the connoisseurs.