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3D wall panels

3d wall panels give an extra dimension to your walls by covering your old wall that you don’t like anymore! These 3d wall panels come in standard size of 500mm X 500mm and made up of an eco friendly material. These are easy and quick to install, too. Usage of these 3d wall coverings has proven to create the looks of a beautiful 3d wall.!

These decorative wall panels carry the fine architectural details to be used by interior designers, for a classy and classic look anywhere . It creates a bright elegant feel for your space, that not just highlight walls but the whole surrounding. These 3D wall panels are made of fibrous residue from sugarcane plants, after the juice is extracted from those, it is bio-degradable as well, which makes it a 100% Eco-friendly product. The tiles have the feel of solid fibre board which is embossed with different patterns. These panels come in neutral colour and can be easily painted with normal wall paint and colour of your choice.

Take a look at the stunning 3d design tiles.... you will be surprised to see so many variations.